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A new, insightful book decodes what you need to know about the future of US-China relations!



Edited by Earl Carr Jr

September 2021

Palgrave| Hardcover| £44.99| $59.99 | 51.99 €|


The last four years have seen significant damage in US-China relations that will take years to repair. Early signs within the Biden administration indicate that any declaration of a return to smoother Sino-US ties is premature. To fully address the challenges of this relationship and regain credibility both at home and abroad, Washington will need to articulate a new set of values, objectives, and tactics to redefine the most important bilateral relationship in the world.

As Biden’s first year in office coincides with the 50th anniversary of U.S. President Nixon announcing his visit to The People’s Republic of China, a global community of experts and policy thinkers set about to reimagine U.S.- China relations. From Trump to Biden and Beyond is the result of those efforts.

For business professionals, policy-makers, academics, and casual observers alike, this book provides

substantive insights on global issues that will define America and China both now and well into the future.

Chapters explore:

• The U.S., China, and Tech Innovation (Matt Harris, Earl Carr)

• The future of Chinese companies on the U.S. stock exchange (Dr. Kevin Chen)

• Energy and climate change co-operation (Dr. Carolyn Kissane and Dr. Jackson Ewing)

• The U.S., Gulf States & China (Yaser Faheem, Asad Hussaini)

• U.S. Engagement with Latin America (Ricardo Barrios)

• The U.S. trilateral relationship in Northeast Asia (Jeeho Bae)

• U.S Leadership in Africa (Winslow Robertson and Owakhela Kankhwende)

• Cross-Strait relations and Indo Pacific Diplomacy (Dr. Kwei-Bo Huang and Junya Ishii)

“ A unique and fascinating set of essays from scholars around the world, From Trump to Biden forces the reader to think in new ways about the U.S.-China relationship and how the Biden administration can best advance U.S. interests in the face of a more powerful and assertive China. ”- Elizabeth Economy, Senior Advisor for China to U.S. Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo (Senior Fellow, The Hoover Institution

currently on leave).

“As is evident from the analysis in this book volume, there are no easy solutions to any of the issues raised as it pertains to US-China relations; in many cases it will be akin to managing a chronic health condition rather than searching for a cure. But an enhanced understanding of the breadth of the issues, and their interactive nature, is essential to developing effective policy prescriptions.” - Craig Broderick, Senior Director, Goldman Sachs

About Earl Carr (康国良)

Having first traveled to China in 1998 as an international student and fluent in Mandarin, Mr. Carr has over twenty years of experience working in the private sector and non-profit business organizations. As the Chief Global Strategist at Pivotal Advisors, Earl manages the Global Research Team, provides thought leadership, and spearheads the firm’s cross-border unit. An Adjunct Instructor at NYU’s Center for Global Affairs and a columnist at Forbes, he is also a member of The National Committee on US-China Relations and a Board Member and Co-Chair of The Investment Committee at The Association for Diplomatic Studies & Training (ADST) and Board Director at The Global Institute for Financial Professionals (GIFP).

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